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  • Terry Griffith
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
  • Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)
  • Certified Computer Examiner (CCE)
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As a consulting partner, I bring nearly twenty years of experience to the table to ensure timely, effective solutions to your current security risks, and to anticipate issues you may face in the future. Most of my clients find that hiring a consultant to partner with an internal IT staff is a smart, cost-effective solution, one that ensures reliable answers and consistent follow-up.

  • Consulting Services: 3 Ways I Can Help
  • Advising
  • Design and Preparation
  • e-Discovery and Forensic Investigation
  • Advising

    Consulting Services: Advising

    HIPAA. GLBA. SOX compliance. ISO27001 review and certification. From finance to medicine to government, I offer industry-leading expertise in these areas. Whether your organization needs a partner to work through the two-stage ISO27001 audit process or someone with the experience to anticipate potential security and data threats, you can count on my experience to become your reservoir of knowledge and answers. Compliance with regulations is essential, of course, but what about ensuring the current and future integrity of your IT structure?

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  • Design and Preparation

    Consulting Services: Design and Preparation

    Perhaps you already have a strategy in place for your network needs, but you need someone who can implement and project-manage those strategic objectives. In that situation, I can partner with your internal IT team to assess the objectives and implement the systems.

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  • e-Discovery and Forensic Investigation

    Consulting Services: e-Discovery and Forensic Investigation

    Who better to track down encrypted, deleted or incriminating information than a security expert?

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  • Benefits of Consulting

    Businesses are exposed to significant technology risks everyday and in any given situation choosing the right balance of security can mean the difference between corporate success and a “door closing event”. The frequency of security breaches is increasing every week it’s important to understand the potential problems in your environment and their solutions. It’s also important to understand what’s required or expected from various Federal Agency’s, your investors and your customers when it comes to providing due diligence to protect personal, confidential or proprietary information.

    I can show you how to protect your data and meet any regulatory mandates without bringing your business to a halt. 

    I work with our customers to help them strategize, assess, engineer, and monitor their information security programs. This goal-focused approach helps you develop the right security solution for your organization which can be built into a roadmap for success and compliance. The solutions are designed to fit each client’s unique environment and culture and I designing security solutions that take both the people and the technology into consideration.

    I also follow up during the 3 months after work has been completed ensure that the security is maintained.